Peloton Guide: The New At Home Strength Training System

Over the past few years, Peloton has built a successful brand on the concept of bringing classroom cycling and running experiences right into your home. However, the brand’s latest release, the Peloton Guide, aims to deliver an interactive strength training experience to any room in your home with a TV and internet connection—for under $400. It’s like having a personal training in the comfort of your own home (with minimal equipment).

The purpose of the Peloton Guide is to make strength training easy, appealing and motivating to beginners and experts alike.  The technology behind the machine is a type of AI that uses data to identify patterns and make decisions with minimal input. In other words the Guide learns as you use it to enhance the strength class experience specifically for its user. Further it brings the brand’s metric-driven accountability (and scoreboard) to a variety of  strength class content they have launched over the past year. So if you have been enjoying their new strength training classes, you will enjoy the Peloton Guide. It promises to improve your form and your results. And maybe even make it more fun.

“Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen the interest in our strength content explode,” said Tom Cortese, Peloton’s co-founder and chief product officer. “Peloton Guide demystifies strength training to create a more engaging experience that will help Members stay motivated. We combined our world-class Instructors and class content with the best machine learning technology to create a whole new way to train. This is just the beginning for Peloton strength. Guide will keep getting smarter so it can grow stronger alongside our Members.”

One of the nice things about Peloton Guide is its minimal footprint in your home. The device is not much larger than the average smart phone. The compact devices connects to any TV to transform the biggest screen in any home into an interactive personal training studio via the inclusion of a camera. Once the device is set up, members will be able to use their own equipment, weights, or accessories and won’t need any bulky devices to get started with their strength experience. Of course, the brand also sells a strength starter kit that includes the Guide, 3 sets of dumbbells and a workout mat ($695).

Finally, members will have to sign up for (or already be) all access members ($30 a month) to gain access to a variety of fun-yet-intense live and on demand strength training classes that promise to have clear, expert instruction. The advantage of the Guide (over taking the brand’s classes without tone) is that smart camera technology will help members better understand and complete strength movements properly and more efficiently. And of course, because it’s Peloton, the programming promises to be the engaging that will keep you motivated.

Peloton Guide launches on April 5th in Canada.

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