Personal Trainer Tips: Wide Push-Up

Learn how to perform a Wide Push-Up (Photos by: Timothy Flynn - Dearhunter Photography)

The Wide Push-Up is a popular exercise that targets your chest, shoulders and triceps.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to properly perform a Wide Push-Up.

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Wide Push-Up Instructions:

Personal Trainer Tips - Wide Push-Up

Step One: Start with your body faced down, hands wider than shoulder width apart inline with your chest, keeping a neutral spine and feet together.

Step Two: Begin lowering your body towards the floor inhaling for a count of 4 seconds until your chest is about to touch the floor.

Personal Trainer Tips - Wide Push-Up

Step Three: Proceed pressing your body back up breathing out for a count of 2 seconds until you are back into the starting position.

Step Four: Repeat 12 -15 times with a variation that is challenging for the last few reps while maintaining good form.

* Wide Push-Up Trainer Tips

• Work within a controlled full range of motion.
• Keep a neutral spine, don’t arch or round the back.
• Start off with just your body weight.
• Once the 12 – 15 repetitions are met with good quality, increase the intensity by elevating your feet.
• If you find that you do not have the strength to perform this exercise, you can push up off of an elevated platform or you can drop your knees onto the floor and hinge from your hips/ knees.

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