Feel The Burn: Incense Gets A Designer Upgrade

Don’t worry this isn’t a throwback to your college days when you used Incense to cover up your dorm-room pot sessions or that funk of your cheap first apartment. Incense has come into its own with several brands and designers re-inventing incense. This is not the icense of days past:  that terrible intense patchouli stink bomb. These are the new generation of cones, bricks, and sticks that smell as good as those overpriced designer candles. And you never have to worry, “Did I blow it out?”. These new incense scents are subtle yet unique scents that will make your place smell great and still manly; the ladies will love it. And no one will think you are trying to hide something.

Go for the wood

The smoky extra-fragrant Muru, from Blackbird, is a sophisticated and rich, green, woody-earthy fragrance.
$28 for 20 cones, available at: blackbirdballard.com

French for “zen”

Astier de Villatte Quebec, features the rustic scents of forage plants, the divine aroma of Sweet Grass – the Native American incense – the sacred aromatic herb that attracts positive energy.
$50 for 125 sticks, available at: aedes.com

Just like a boy

If you are the kind of guy who wears Comme des Garcons fragrances, you are the kind of guy who needs CDG incense. The scent is based on COMME des GARÇONS’ Incense Series 3 KYOTO with bold incense, cypress oil, coffee, teak wood, amber and Virginian cedar notes.
$70 for 40 sticks, available through: Haven.com

Be adventorous

Kuumba, from Japan, has built a solid business on traditionally made premium quality incense using natural and artificial scents from various raw materials. They have done many collaborations with big brands. My stand out favourites: Gucci Guilty, Thug Life, and Playboy Bunny. Also check out Kuumba for the best designed incense holder.
$15 for 15 sticks through: Doomsday-store.com


Santa Maria Novella is one of the oldest apothecarys in the world, they have been making scents since 1612. This classic incense features the pungent aroma of cypress tress and winter spices make up this fresh and pungent blend perfect for the Holidays.
$45 for 35 sticks, available through: aedes.com

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