Green Your Home: Add Statement House Plants

You could call this the second coming of the millennial influence on our homes, first it was that soft shade of pink. Now it’s all about green. One of the biggest trends that keeps popping up in interior design is lush interiors filled with greenery. But not everyone who   loves a homes filled to the brim with glorious greenery plants, has time to handle all that watering. So why not consider a statement plant; a single large plant that makes a big impact. Sticking to just one statement plant means a lot less work, but you still get a dose of ‘living’ drama. We’ve rounded up the best big indoor statement plants that are your best bets for eases of care and impact.

1. Rubber Plant
If you are looking for a new statement plant to rescue your drab home, without much maintenance, we suggest that you buy a rubber plant. These trees have some serious presence when they have room to grow – up to 5 or 6 feet. We love that unlike some other plants in this category, their limbs are almost completely covered in foliage.

2. Birds of Paradise Palm
I’m sure by now, most people are familiar with Birds of Paradise. These babies have been popping up everywhere: from the latest restaurants to the latest Instagram postings. This tropical heavyweight can grow quite large indoors. Their oversized leaves turn any interior into a tropical paradise. Further if you’re very patient, they will often reward you with some stunning blooms after 3 – 4 years.

3. Dracaena
These funky plants could be best described as ‘what the 80s punk movement would look like as a plant”. Their limbs are spindly and gangly yet their punk style foliage is abundant. Dracaenas are fairly low maintenance and can grow up ten feet tall. But it can be kept shorter for lower ceilings with an ease trim.

4. Fiddle Leaf Fig
If you follow any design or lifestyle Instagram accounts, you probably already know all about the fiddle leaf fig tree. They are definitely a fan favorite, and make for gorgeous interior photos. But be warned, this might be one of the trickier statement plants to keep healthy and alive. Not impossible, but it definitely needs more than the occasional watering when you remember.

5. Umbrella Plant
Umbrella plants, aka Schefflera, is kind of the underdog in statement plants. But anyone old enough to remember the kid show, Under The Umbrella Tree, know that this plant is a beauty. Umbrella plants are known for their their lush, pretty foliage. Further, they are very low maintenance. A full grown umbrella plant can measure up to 10 feet tall; now that’s what we call a statement in an interior. Want more drama? Several variegated types with yellow, gold, or white patterns on the leaves, are widely available.

No matter which statement plant you chose, may we recommend you reach out to your local plants stores to find out more about the best option in your area. And ask them their best tricks and tips to keep that beauty lush and green.

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