Light It Up

Above: 1) Tolemo Mega, $1400; 2) Serge Mouille Three-Arm Floor Lamp, $7400; 3) Prouvé Potence Lamp, $1800; 4) Kartell Bourgie Lamp, $450

Throwing shade is for kids, real men are all about lighting it up. The key to having a sexy apartment is good lighting. And the key to good lighting is layers; here is the breakdown.


This is the most functional and essential layer of all lighting. Ambient light should come from all directions, not just from one single source. Natural light is the ideal ambient light, but some days the sun just isn’t enough, so supplement with your own sources. To achieve the best ambient light, have light fixtures of varying heights–a combination of ceiling, table and floor lamps.


This one is dead simple, it’s spotlighting but what to highlight? Art on the wall, not your high school football trophy, is a no brainer.


Task lighting is pretty self-explanatory. Whether you’re reading, cooking or doing office work, certain chores call for extra lighting. For task lighting, brightness is key. Reserve this for kitchens or office spaces not bedrooms.


Mood lighting should be soft and warm, think fireplace or candlelight. When deciding on mood lighting, pay attention to the number of Kelvins on the bulb; the lower the number of kelvins, the more yellow the light will appear.


This just might be the best lighting investment – switch out all your light switches to dimmers. Just don’t think about the obvious choices, the dining room, living room, and bedroom but also the bathroom. After all no one likes shower sex with the same intense lighting you used to tweeze your brows.


Finally, make sure you invest in a statement light that you love; this isn’t about the lighting it gives off as much as it’s about the light itself. This is about a well-designed light that finishes off the look of your space. Stick to lights you can take with you when you move if you are currently renting.

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