The Perfect Man Sofa

Above: 1) Woodframe Sofa from $ 10,000,  Montauk Sofa 2) Piazza Storm $1500, CB2 3) Carmo Sofa $4500, 4) Ploum Sofa $5300, Ligne Roset 5) Stephen Kenn Sofa, $5000 6) Twilight Sleeper Sofa $1785, DWR
Above: 1) Woodframe Sofa from $ 10,000, Montauk Sofa 2) Piazza Storm $1500, CB2 3) Carmo Sofa $4500, 4) Ploum Sofa $5300, Ligne Roset 5) Stephen Kenn Sofa, $5000 6) Twilight Sleeper Sofa $1785, DWR

Shopping for a sofa is never as much fun as going to a game with the boys but the pay off is worth it. The honest truth about sofas is that a good one will cost you, sometimes even more than double your monthly rent. So picking the right one is important. To help you through the process, here are a few simple tips. Whether you’re living in a shoebox of an over-priced apartment or you still require a space for friends to crash, these tips will make finding your perfect man sofa much easier. And to make it dead easy, there is a list of best buys.

How to spot a quality sofa:

  • Kiln-dried hardwood frame – oak, birch, or maple.
  • Eight-way hand tied springs.
  • Poly-down cushions or high quality polyurethane wrapped in Dacron batting.
  • Double doweled joints and fitted corner blocks that are both glued and screwed.

If your condo is the size of a shoebox…
If you live in any major city centre, there’s a good chance your apartment is only slightly larger than your childhood bedroom. No shame in it, just make sure you work with the space not against it. Here are a few things to consider for optimizing space:

  • A sofa without arms will give you a few more inches of seating space. It also takes up less space visually.
  • Opt for a single bench cushion, rather than a two or three cushion sofa for more seating room. No one wants to sit on the crack.
  • If you are attached to arms, pick slim arms or even a wooden frame sofa.

If your lifestyle is all about vegging out with movies or watching the game…
If you’re the kind of guy who comes home from a long day at work and immediately hits the sofa with a few cocktails, then comfort is definitely key. Just remember, a comfy couch doesn’t need to look like your uncle’s La-Z-Boy. Opting for a tight back sofa, rather than a sofa with loose cushions, will ensure it looks clean and modern. Here are a few tips, so you can maximize comfort without sacrificing style:

  • Deeper is always better— make sure the sofa is at least 35″ deep, more if you’re really tall. This will give you plenty of room to lay back and sink in. When in doubt, sit on it.
  • If you plan on using your sofa for napping, and who doesn’t, make sure you measure between the arms. Don’t rely on overall length. Lower arms also make for better napping comfort.

If you are the consummate entertainer…  
If you’re the guy who always has friends over for cocktails, then form should definitely supersede function (NB. if you stick to a great leather sofa, you will be able to clean up spills easily). You need a ‘statement sofa’. Although the sky is the limit, here are some tips to get you started:

  • If you want a more traditional, sartorial look, stick to a classic chesterfield – tufted leather. True vintage is always best, but if you have to buy new please refrain from faux aging.
  • If you’re looking something a little more modern, but still timeless, consider mid-century design. Check our Mies van de Rohe or Le Corbusier or Ligne Roset.
  • Do your research, check out some of the new emerging designers like Stephen Kenn .

If you are still holding onto your futon because your friends often crash at your pad…
Throw it out, it is time to grow up. It is totally understandable that you may not have a place with a guest bedroom, not a problem – there are plenty of stylish sofa bed options. Here are a few points to consider when looking for a sofa that can covert into a guest room.

  • Pick one that doesn’t look like a sofa bed at first glance.
  • Since the sofa will have additional wear, be particularly mindful of the quality. Look for tightly woven fabrics that won’t easily pull or snag. Fabrics with texture always wear better. Look for high density, polyurethane and down batting.
  • A chaise or daybed is a good alternative to a convertible sofa. If you like more support, look for ones with removable back cushions.

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