10 Easy Home Updates You Can Do Right Now (Without Ever Leaving Your Home)

We are all spending much more time at home these days; that 24-7 at home life has made us all well aware of the thing we love about our space. And more importantly, the things that we hate about, or that do not work in, our space. Not to worry, we have some easy home updates that you can do yourself with limited resources (and skill sets). Further, we have also included some great online retailers that can help you make it happen with delivery or contactless pick ups.

So are you ready to tackle that weekend project that you have been avoiding but can no longer because it stares you in the face 24-7? Here is our list of 10 easy home updates you can do this weekend to update your space. So grab your paint brush and let’s get started…

Paint it
Applying a fresh coat of paint, or painting a room a new colour, might just be the dictionary definitions of easy home updates. It is also perhaps the cheapest way to update your space. This is a great time to try out a brave new colour or even to just refresh your white walls (they get dingy fast). Scared to make a big colour change? Why not go bold in a powder room or bathroom? It’s a great small space to experiment in. And don’t worry about spending time at a paint store, we found a an online retailer where you can order your paint and all the supplies from Digby Paints – they are Canadian and deliver!

Wallpaper it
Wallpaper is back, there we said it. And don’t worry, this isn’t your grandma’s floral wallpaper. It’s fresh, modern and pretty cool. Further, if you are worried about long time commitment, there are lots of high quality peel and stick wallpapers and murals on the market. They make for an instant update without all the hassle of traditional wallpaper (check out Eazy Wallz for great options that can delivered right to your home).

Update lighting
This could be as simple as updating your bulbs to energy efficient options or swapping out that old floor lamp you have been carrying around since your first apartment. Also think about swapping out your light shades, many lights come with simply white shades but swapping them to black can add instant drama.

Swap out drawer pulls, kitchen hardware and doorknobs
Think about these as the accessories in your home – it’s like changing your gold watch band to a leather one. Same principle applies here, swapping your drawer pulls from old brass to matte black creates an instant update to a kitchen or an old dresser. Where to look? Check out IKEA for some great affordable options.

Update your bathroom
Deep clean it first – you would be surprised how much whiter those tiles are meant to be. And then update the space by swapping out your shower curtain or towels. Perhaps a new fun bath mat? Add in some low maintenance (or faux) plants. Maybe even add in a bidet style toilet seat to help you save on toilet paper. Check out Hello Tushy for an easy DIY option you can install without a plumber.

Make it smart
Consider a smart hub for your home (either Google or Amazon Alexa will work) and all the add-ons that can go with it: smart bulbs, smart thermostats, Wi-Fi extenders, and video doorbells… the options are endless. With all this time you are spending at home, make your home work better for you. And you don’t have to do it all at once. You can slowly add to your smart home at any time.

Get organized
Sometimes all you need to do is reorganize and edit your space. A good deep Marie Kondo’ing can do wonders. The biggest culprits? Your kitchen, your closet and your bathroom storage. Pick one area a day to tackle to make it more manageable. Do you still wear that plaid shirt? Or is that sun protection past it’s expiry date? This is the time to get organized and clear space in your home.

Update your pillows, throws or accessories
Swapping out the accessories in your home is an easy home update. Tired of your old couch? Maybe just update the throw pillows on it to give it a fresh new look (and life). Or grab some art for that blank wall in your bathroom? There are lots of online retailers with great options to do this easily from home. Check out our feature on the best online home furniture and decor list here.

Go green
Get some plants for your space. Greenery will instantly update your space and even help to keep your indoor air clean.

Update your bed
I bet you are spending more time in there than you used to…so why not take the time to make It the best it can be. Need a new mattress? There are many online options that will ship right to your door. Or maybe just update your pillows (these should be updated every two years) and bedding (check out White Terry Home Organic bedding).

Now all you have to do is decide which day to tackle which one of these easy home updates first. Add it into your calendar and stick to the schedule, you will thank us for it later.

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