Interior Design Trends: The Return Of The 1920s

Above: Selections from designer Janette Ewen Art Deco-inspired collection for Mobilia
Design Trends: The Return Of The 1920s For Interiors

Trends in fashion and in interiors are often said to mirror each other. Or at least they used to. As style becomes more and more individualized, interiors have become more reflective of the homeowners and have become more influenced by the socio-political atmosphere. As a result, we are seeing a return to the early days of modernism, namely the 1920s.

The uncertainty of the times means people are turning inward and wanting to spend more time at home. Of course, people still want touches of luxury in their lives that aren’t considered too over the top. Thankfully, a little bit of 1920s-inspired excess can add warmth and whimsy to any modern space. Add to that, the growth of social media and our love of selfies, and it is no wonder why we love the 1920s warm metals and mirrored surfaces.

History of Art Deco
The 1920s was the period whereby modernism began to find its feet in homes all around Europe. It can best be described as the convergence of Art Deco from Paris and the Bauhaus movement in Germany. Moreover, Hollywood glamour became a huge influence with the introduction of cinema. Living spaces were glamorous and sophisticated, yet they had a fun edge too. This excitement was brought about with geometric shapes, shiny surfaces, and stylized images of everything from skyscrapers to airplanes.

Travel also became more accessible and international influence converged on homes. Art Deco was a clear critique of that which came before it, it wanted to be different, and new. It was about being more open about everything from lifestyle to art to other cultures; it wanted to be modern. Incorporating elements of the roaring 20s seems like the perfect antidote to our design world today.

“I think people are looking for an escape, the 1920’s were about freedom, adventure, excess- they were less conservative than they are now… the design reminds people of a more exciting time,” says décor and lifestyle expert Janette Ewen.

Incorporating elements into your space
Elements of the 1920s and Art Deco are everywhere these days at major furniture and design retailers. Just pop into a CB2, West Elm or any other furniture retailers and you will see key elements from that era. Warm gold and brass are everywhere. Velvet seems to have made a comeback in upholstery. And curved lines dominate. These are all key elements from the 1920 re-imagined for today.

Recently, Canadian retailer Mobilia partnered with Designer Janette Ewen to create a capsule collection inspired by this era. Mobilia’s “Roaring Twenties” collection borrows from the opulence and joie de vivre of that period and makes it modern and easy to incorporate into your current space. “I would suggest adding 2-3 pieces from the area. I like adding  elements that focus on social spaces- dining tables, accents tables, lighting,” suggests Janette.

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