Fabric Face Masks Are A Must Have: Where To Buy Them

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As social restrictions begin to ease up, we are more likely to be in situations where proper social distancing is not possible. As such, it has been recommended by Chief Public Health Officer Dr Theresa Tam that all Canadians should wear masks in public. So are you ready with your fabric mask? Not sure where to source one? Not to worry, we are here to help with some resources for great Canadian made fabric face masks.

Fitting Your Fabric Mask
You want to make sure your fabric face mask fits snugly yet comfortably around the sides of your face. Feel free to adjust the length of ties or elastics if this is not the case (you can easily add a toggle or make a small knot to shorten the length) If your mask comes with a nose piece, ensure you have shaped it your nose. This will ensure a proper and more effective fit. You should be able to breath without restrictions, check fit and fabric if this is not the case.

Cleaning Your Mask
Just remember to keep your mask clean. Check instructions that come with the mask, some can be tossed in your washing machine but check first. If you are unsure, most can and should be washed by hand in hot water and lay flat to dry. It is recommended that you stock up a few masks so you always have a clean and dry mask to wear when situations prevent proper social distancing measures.

And when we all wear masks, it protects everyone.

Where to Buy Fabric Face Masks

Denis Gagnon
This Montreal-based Canadian fashion powerhouse has always made modern minimalism with a glamorous edge, so it should be no surprise that Gagnon’s masks are at once utilitarian yet glamorous. You can choose from chic velvet or glitzy sequins (for those at home red carpet events), all while protecting yourself and others (feature built in nose bar for a snug fit). All made in Montreal.
Sizes: Small and medium with adjustable elastics and toggles.
Price: $29.99-$49.99 per mask, dependent on the fabric finishes.
Charitable? No.

Frank & Oak
These handmade masks are constructed from unused fabric remnants from their main collection, making them sustainable and fashionable.  Each mask comes with a pocket for a filter  for you to add your own for extra protection. But be warned, these masks seem to sell out quickly but not to worry, they are re-stocking weekly (and you can sign up for email alerts).
Sizes: One size fits all but adjustable.
Price: Two masks for $24
Charitable? Yes, All proceeds will be donated to the Moisson Montreal Food Bank.

IZ is the adaptive clothing line from Canadian designer Izzy Camilleri, so it should be no surprise that IZ was one of the first to offer fabric masks for the masses. The masks are made from Eco-friendly denim and are double layered to aid in filtration. The fabric is breathable and soft to the touch.
Sizes: Adult and Child sizes available with the option of over the ear elastics or behind the head.
Price: $15 each or 3 for $45
Charitable? Yes, 20% of sales are donated to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.

Mayer Man
We aren’t supposed to have favorites when it comes to fabric face masks but the masks from Mayer Man might be the best combination of fashion and function. The masks come in over 15 different fabrics and finishes, including sequins and animal prints. But out favourite might be his signature F*CKCVD19 branded masks. Plus they all come with pockets for filters and feature a nose wire for a snugger fit.
Sizes: Adult one size fits all with adjustable elastics and toggles.
Price: $15-$25 per masks, dependent on fabric and finish.
Charitable? Yes, a portion of the proceeds is donated to LGBTQ2S community organization The 519 in Toronto.

These face masks come in an almost unlimited number of styles, colours and patterns, making them the perfect fit for any wardrobe. The masks have filter pockets, are made with repurposed Canadian fabric and come in multiple sizes depending on the style. The Moji mask shop feels like a one stop shop for all your mask needs – friends, family, children, etc. There is even a limited edition designer series.
Sizes: Men’s, Women’s, and Kids.
Price: $14.99 and up per mask
Charitable? All proceeds are going to the CanadaHelps COVID-19 Healthcare & Hospital Fund.

Redwood Classics
These 100% cotton fabric face masks are not only made in Canada but the fabric they use was also knitted in Canada. Each mask comes with a pocket for a filter (for you to add) and a nose piece to ensure proper fit. We love the retro- sport aesthetic of the contrasting fabric banding. Moreover, if you are feeling crafty, they offer a D.I.Y. fabric face mask kit. Their do-it-yourself kit features pre-cut fabric and instruction to make up to 10 masks at home.
Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
Price: $36.00 for 3 masks or $20.00 for a DIY Mask Kit
Charitable? Yes, for every mask purchased, Redwood Classics will donate one to a person in need.

Christopher Paunil
Renown womenswear designer Christopher Paunil has been hard at work creating face masks for us all. Each face mask is cut and sewn at the Christopher Paunil Design studio in Toronto, Canada. The mask features double layered fabric and over the head elastics for a more comfortable fit.
Sizes: Large (Adult), Medium (Teen), and Small (Kids)
Price: $15.00-$18.00 per mask, dependent on fabric and finishes.
Charity? For each face mask sold, $2.00 will be donated to Toronto-based youth arts charity UforChange.

Joseph Tassoni
These masks are made locally in the Toronto area with locally sourced material to help reduce their carbon footprint. The masks are available in packs of three with nine different color options – perfect for all genders.
Sizes: One size fits all – adult.
Price: 3 masks for $39.99
Charitable? Yes, with every purchase we will be donating $5.00CDN to the Joseph Brant Hospital to help support everyone at the front line.

Whitney Linen
With those hot summer months coming up, linen just might be your best bet for a fabric mask. Enter Whitney Linen and their collection of linen/cotton face masks for the whole family. Each mask is double layered with soft (and matching) elastics around the ears. All made in Canada.
Sizes: Adult and Children
Price: $10 per mask
Charitable? Yes, all proceeds are being donated to Nellie’s, a Toronto based shelter for women and children.

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