Fragrance Of The Month: All Saints Metal Wave EDP

This month? We try out All Saints Metal Wave EDP…

These days, life is a little more complex than usual. It’s full and happy, coupled with alone time and reflection. Call it COVID or the new normal, either way this is reality. So when a company known for it’s intense cool factor, like All Saints embraces this new perspective with a unisex fragrance like Metal Wave EDP, you know it’s time to spritz and carry on.

Unexpected and layered, the eau de parfum opens with crisp and tart juniper berries before easing into dry, earthy papyrus wood. But like our new environment, the juice doesn’t stop there. A smooth layer of sweet honeyed magnolia flowers binds the two polar opposite scents together, fusing them together in a fresh, yet sensual dichotomy that feels as relevant as it smells intoxicating.

Even the eau’s square, clear glass flacon, topped with a corklike metal cap embodies a sense of normal/not normal that’s as intriguing as its scent. Factor in the British brand’s street-worthy vibe, complete with dark change rooms and all-season leather apparel and you know that this isn’t your typical fragrance. How else can you the swagger in puts in your step after just one spritz, even if you’re staying indoors doing a little Netflix and chill or simply venturing solo outside.

All Saints Metal Wave EDP, $99 for 100 ml, available online at

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