The Top Trends From The 2016 Interior Design Show

Above: 1) Rug from Jan Kath 2) Photorealistic wallpaper from Hugo Diego 3) Integrated Cooking Surface from Avani x Burdifilek at Aya Kitchens 4) Assembly collection from EQ3 5) Alex Sofa, Montauk 6) LightMaker Studio
The Top Trends From The 2016 Interior Design Show

IDS Toronto is known as the annual event where design trends for the upcoming year are established and solidified. This show features the worlds’ best brands showcasing what they do best – pushing the boundaries of design (and often new technologies). So here is the rundown of what you missed this year at the Interior Design Show in Toronto.

Warm Metals

While this may not be a new trend, we saw that warmer metals continue to dominate design. Everything from gold to copper to brass; and we learned not to be afraid to mix them all.

What Old Is New Again

Persian rugs may be one of the oldest design elements but designers keeping creating ways to re-invent them. We saw Jan Kath re-invent these rugs with a celestial angle.

Trompe L’Oiel

This is not your grandmother’s wall paneling; we saw new technologies improve the way we reinvent wood paneling.

Small Is Beautiful

Canadian brands like EQ3 continue to work with smaller and local designers/ design firms to create limited edition capsule collections as part of their Assembly line.

Big Is Better

Although this trend may seem at odds with small is beautiful, it shows us all the importance of playing with scale. Montauk created one of the largest (and most comfortable) sectional sofas we have ever seen; perfect for your next ‘man den’


Technologies continue to advance interior design. Look for upgrades to your kitchen and bathroom with this trend. Our favorite: gas burners that are literally built into your stone countertops.

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