Relive Super Bowl LI With the Latest Mic’d Up NFL Film

James White during the NFL Super Bowl LI football game on Sunday, Feb. 5, 2017 in Houston. (Perry Knotts/NFL)

We’re all still reeling from last Sunday’s Super Bowl, and you really can’t blame us. If you were unlucky enough to miss the extravaganza, you may still know that it was arguably the best sporting event of the calendar year. For fans of the New England Patriots, it was likely the most incredible night in team history. For Atlanta Falcons fans, it was the biggest letdown ever. If you belong to the former group, you may be inclined to revisit the game once again and watch it play out in all of its glory. But before you scramble and dig back into your PVR, here’s a little heads up. Luckily for us all, the skilled production team at NFL Films have blessed us with a brand new 33-minute special focusing on Super Bowl LI.

The new half-hour grants viewers intimate access to the epic game, with sideline cameras and most amazingly, mic’d up players. It’s an incredible new angle to view the match, and it generates multiple cinematic moments. As we already know, the big game was one of the most surprising turnarounds in league history, so you can imagine how the players react throughout the duration of the competition. The whole thing is so enthralling, it’s almost like watching an episode of Friday Night Lights or clicking play on Any Given Sunday. It’s special treats like these that remind us: sometimes the most amazing stories are playing out right before our very eyes.

You can watch the entire NFL Film for free here, even if you’re a Falcons fan.

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