Review: Asher Golf Gloves

While there’s been plenty of movement afoot in the golf shoe style game in the past decade with brands loosening their laces and unleashing their edgy side, gloves for the most part have remained staid and hum drum.  The longstanding adherence to plain Jane white gloved conformity has given fashion forward players like Asher an opportunity to shake up the space.

One of the more brazen hands in the explosion underway in golf gloves, this Salt Lake City based company has injected a broad color palette, whimsy, and personality into golf gloves while providing the durability and performance golfers expect. They’re also versatile: Alice Cooper has rocked their popular Death Grip glove while playing 18 and on stage; Storage Wars’ Barry Weiss wears a customized variant while rummaging for treasure .

Their new premium collection is made out of precision cut soft yet supple AA Premium Cabretta-Leather that feels amazing gripping a glove and in the value category they’ve got their $10 chucks a vibrant spectrum of solid colored synthetic fabric gloves in everything from 80s Pink and Electric Green to Midnight black.

Asher is Hebrew for happy or blessed and while wearing them may not inspire divine intervention on your chip-in attempts they sure can punch-up the scorecard of an outfit.

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