Review: Ecco’s Tour Hybrid Wingtip

Mike Dojc tries out Ecco's Tour Hybrid Wingtip

The early mover in the golf nubbins migration has gotten spikeless down to an exact science. Fashioning hybrids as comfortable on the fairway as the sidewalk is now an old hat trick every brand and their mama is now pulling, but these styling hybrids take golf shoe versatility one well heeled step further. The Ecco Tour Hybrid Wingtip’s ($240) are sharp enough to go straight from the bunker to the boardroom.

Packing carry-on only on a recent jaunt to Curaçao with my below the ankle options confined to a pair of sandals for the beach and these puppies, they were forced to pull double duty. These Eccos performed like champs walking eighteen in the a.m. and then kept the act running during late night gallivanting. On the golf course grip is a dream with 800 traction angles on the nubbin-strewn outsole while Hydromax treated leather keeps dampness out.

Lacing them up for a leisurely downtown stroll they’re not going to compare to pure-play walking shoes but your dogs aren’t going to start barking either. You may just find these hybrids entering your weekend oxford rotation when the mood suits.

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