Review: Nike’s Lunar Control Men’s Golf Shoes

Mike Dojc tries out Nike's Lunar Control golf shoes

When Apollo 14 Astronaut Alan Shepard shanked his first golf ball on the moon into a nearby crater and then regrouped, made flush contact, and sent his second sphere flying, “miles and miles, and miles,” people forget he was wearing cumbersome spacesuit boots.  Had Nike Golf’s Lunar Control been around back then and teamed up with NASA to make these golf kicks space safe, Shepard could have blasted his ball so far that he’d need to yell “Fore” to the lunar module pilot when the ball made it’s way back around the moon behind them.

Typically, I’m more of a nubbins shoe guy than a soft-spikes golfer but after playing a couple rounds with these lightweight lookers which give you some added spring to your step, I’m on the cusp of a change of heart.   They provide excellent traction without feeling weighed down at all (my usual spikes gripe), plus they make swinging in balance a real cinch.  The lines crisscrossing through the swoosh emblem are Nike’s “Flywire” technology, wrapping your mid-foot to the heel offering superb support.  The power platform underneath aids in weight transfer from the backswing through the point of impact. Of the myriad of colourways available, I believe the White/Military Blue-Venom Green is the sharpest combo.

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