We Tried It: Bazooka 460 Black Driver

Above: The Bazooka 460 Black Driver

Product: Bazooka 460 Black Driver
Price: $119.00
Who tried it: AmongMen’s golf aficionado Mike Dojc
Available: Rockbottomgolf.com

Everybody wants more firepower off the tee so will a club named after a shoulder mounted mini missile launcher suffice? For value and budget conscious golfers alike Tour Edge has provided the antidote to the $400 driver, ringing the register at a quarter of the price of the top tier big sticks.  Just because you’re getting maximum bang for you buck that doesn’t mean this budget sensitive driver doesn’t pack a premium payload. 

Its deep-faced design expands the crosshairs, providing maximum ka-bang on off center strikes. Plus the rear fixed sole weight deepens the center gravity making it way easier to launch a high arcing bomb down the fairway—something higher handicappers will appreciate very much. The only knock against the tech package is this is a fixed head driver in the era of adjustability but if you’re not a club tinkerer that shouldn’t be a deal breaker. So put one in your bag and lock and load.

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