We Tried It: Bunker Mentality Golf Zipper Jacket

Above: Bunker Mentality's golf zipper jacket in red

Product: Bunker Mentality’s Red Golf Zipper Jacket
Who tried it: Golf junkie and AmongMen contributor Mike Dojc
Retail price: $65
Available: bunker-mentality.com

A “Bunker Mentality” may connote images of corporations or troops battening down the hatches and taking a defensive posture or a general hunkered down in a remote location, say under the White House removed from the action. In golf circles the frame of mind could be as simple as seeing a sandbox at a playground and daydreaming about getting out on a course.

Golf out of peak season is all about the layers so we tried on Bunker Mentality’s cheeky outerwear offerings on for size. What really makes the pictured stoplight red zip-up jacket work are the striped cuffs and collar which look great flared or popped. The brand’s logo, writ large, scrawls across the chest and there are shoulder badges that read “just hit it” and “Blue Sky’s and 65’s.”

For less of a full frontal logo assault try out Bunker Mentality’s sky blue ball jacket with ribbed cuffs and waist. There’s a bubbling undercurrent of sly, whimsical energy that emanates from these togs and this copy line on their website, theirs not mine, cleverly conveys this: “We love to take things from popular culture and ‘golfize’ them, which is why you ‘mutha putta’s’ are reading this.”

This Brit brand is all about reimagining golf’s played out dress code to suit contemporaneous times. While some brands hunker down in heritage, snuggling up to tried and true stalwart graphical flourishes, these dedicated followers of golf fashion have a “cool today, classic tomorrow” mentality which makes for dynamic togs.

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