We Tried It: EyeLoc Head Gear

Above: EyeLoc's revolutionary head gear is designed as a training aid to help keep a golfer's eye locked on the ball while putting

Product: EyeLoc Head Gear
Who tried them: Mike Dojc, golf enthusiast and AmongMen contributor
Retail price: $60.00
Available: EyeLoc.com

“Ah man, picked my head up again,” is probably the most common lament muttered by golfers following a shank. The EyeLoc training aid addresses the age-old golfer foible by helping players minimize head sway by keeping their eyes locked onto their ball. The fundamental golf maxim of keeping your head still applies to every shot in the game from tee to green and before you can take dead aim at the flagstick you need to focus first on making contact with your primary target, the ball.

The “Eureka” moment, that led to the EyeLoc training aid’s creation came when Vinny Lamorte, a 15 handicapper, realized at the first tee when it was already too late, that he’d brought along the wrong pair of glasses. The golf ball was blurry at address unless he peered solely through the upper half of his bifocals. But the slightest head movement and his ball would disappear in a white haze. Forced to visually lock onto the ball to hold his gaze, he posted his lowest round of the season and the idea for Eyeloc was born. 

The end result is a pair of polarized lightweight sunglasses featuring a vertical slit down the center of each lens. The pair of apertures isn’t some aesthetic flourish, put them on and you’ll clearly see two parallel lines. To focus your EyeLoc’s on the golf ball simply slide the adjustment knobs on either side of the frames to match the distance between your pupils. This is the point where the lines will converge creating a solitary line to focus on your ball. It’ll be easily detectable if your ball deviates from the middle of the line when swinging and if it happens you’ll know your head wasn’t still enough.

With practice your head steadiness will improve and your muscle memory will intuitively hold your gaze on the golf ball leading to more consistent flush contact. Outside of bolstering ball striking ability the visual training aid is also instrumental on greens. Try them out on the practice green and in time you’ll notice your on-target aim game improving.

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