We Tried It: Lite 4 Nite Golf Balls

Product: Lite 4 Nite Golf Balls
Price: $62 for two sleeves and a charger
Who tried it: Golf junkie and AmongMen contributor Mike Dojc
Available: Lite4nite.com

Playing twilight golf is a lot like taking a vacation in a destination’s offseason in that you enjoy both steeply discounted rates and sparse crowds.  The only downside to an afternoon tee time is often you end up being forced to pack it in with a few holes left to go because once the sun starts to go down it gets too dark to play.  But imagine if your golf balls were transformed into glowing green orbs as easy to track in the distance as neon signs on the Vegas strip?

Glow balls that you can hit as hard as a regular ball have been around since the mid 1980s but early lighted incarnations achieved luminescence with a light stick that popped inside a ball and so performance wasn’t quite up to par. 

Lite 4 Nites take luminescence up quite a few notches thanks to a 45 second stint in a portable charger (sized to fit in golf cart drink holders) decked out with 15 high intensity LEDs. They’ll stay lit for around fifteen minutes which is plenty as you can stow a backup ball the charger so you always have a bright ball good to go.  The best part is the balls feel and perform just like their dimmer counterparts so you won’t experience any distance loss—eight time long drive champ Kevin Bullard has striped a Lite4Nite ball 400 yards.

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