​Hey, Guys: Here’s How To Take A Selfie

Above (l-r): Tobias Sorensen and Garrett Neff show how to properly selfie
Above (l-r): Tobias Sorensen and Garrett Neff show how to properly selfie

A recent study suggests that 30% of all photos taken by people ages 18-30 are selfies, further, men are more likely than women to snap a selfie. This leads to many guys looking like douches on Instagram. And we don’t want that to be you. At AmongMen we turn to the top male models to see how to post a selfie and still look respectable.

Don’t do mirrors

The only people doing mirror selfies are people who are still using a flip phone (time to upgrade your technology bud), so avoid mirrors. Not only are they not great for lighting but they add in one extra layer of vanity that no one needs. Just remember, that’s how Narcissus had his downfall.

Background, background, background

Nothing looks worse than a picture of a guy trying to look good for the ladies, and all you can notice in the background is piles of dirty laundry.  Always check your background before you snap that selfie.  And watch out for photobombers (unless it’s Jennifer Lawrence, then it’s okay).

Light it up

Most selfies suffer from poor lighting; look for your light. Simply put, do not stand in front of your lighting, you should be facing your light source. And remember, natural light sources are always better.  Poor lighting? Think flash will fix it? Think again, flash can wash you out and give you red eyes, so use it carefully.

Keep it clean, kids

This should be obvious; keep it PG. Don’t let that late night of drinking or a testosterone- fuelled workout cloud your judgment on what’s acceptable.  There is nothing wrong with a shirtless selfie but please keep your bottoms on. And don’t look like you are trying too hard; impromptu shots always work better here.

Know your angles

Models are models because they know their angles; it’s time to figure yours out. Straight on shots are never great, maneuver your mug slightly to the side and the camera should be positioned from above.  This makes everyone look leaner.

Have fun

At the end of the day have fun! And, don’t post the same image over and over again.

Christian Dare

Christian Dare

Christian Dare spent much of his formative years working in the fashion industry as a Visual Manager before pursuing a Masters’ Degree in Design. He is the Principal at Christian Dare Creative, the co-founder of Stylist Box and runs a successful men’s lifestyle blog, Christian Dare Edited,focusing on menswear, interior design and craft cocktails. You can find him online at www.christiandareedited.com or follow him on Twitter @christiandare but he is more fun on Instagram christian_dare. 

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