2019 Mother’s Day Gift Guide: How To Win The Gifting Game!

We all love mother’s and celebrating Mother’s Day. But let’s be honest, Mother’s Day is a gifting competition. No matter how much we all have grown up and left our sibling rivalries behind, we still need to beat our brothers and sisters at the game. And not just any game, but the best Mother’s Day gift game aka I am the favourite son or daughter and mom loves me more. Don’t worry, we get you. And we’ve got you. Here is our rundown of best Mother’s Day Gifts that are sure to impress any mom.

For the Mom who needs a little pampering
Sure you could book her appointment for some treatments at her favourite Spa (may we suggest the spas at your local five star hotels) but that’s an easy way out. Why not plan the perfect spa day at home for her? Show up on Mother’s Day morning with a beautiful basket full of her favourite skincare and beauty brands. You know, the ones she loves but doesn’t always splurge on (she will remember you every morning she puts on that high end face cream). Be sure to include some great face masks, some bath salts, a on-trend jade roller (we sourced all of them at Winners – aka save some cash on premium brands). And then surprise her when her at home massage. Knock Knock, who’s there? A dashing masseur with the skills to take out those kinks and soothe those sore muscles.

For the Mom who deserves more than just breakfast in bed
As a kid you probably made your Mom breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day. It may or may have not contained egg shells in her eggs. Either way she loved it. Take her back down nostalgia avenue with a better breakfast in bed. You want this to be a Mother’s Day Gift she will remember. First upgrade her bedding. The latest trend are soft luxurious linen sheets. To make it easy on yourself you can order them directly from Casper. Throw in some new pillows as well if you are feeling generous. Now make her morning caffeine dreams a reality with a K-Mini Plus from Keurig. It is small enough to fit onto her bedside table or onto her dresser. Nothing is better than fresh, hot, premium coffee and the touch of a button right in bed. Now that’s what we call luxury. And what she will call – my favourite son.

For the Mom who has everything and insists she doesn’t need a gift
We all know these moms. So don’t worry, we have them taken care of as well. Shop for them at Plan International Canada with Gifts of Hope. This global child rights organization has a curated collection of ethical gifts that change real lives of families around the world. For example, you can give the gift of Medicine for Moms and Babies ($20) in developing countries. This gift provides vital medicines and medical care for babies and their mothers in many countries where it is needed. Or honour mom with the irresistibly sweet gift of Baby Chicks ($17). Not only does it defy a ‘normal’ Mother’s Day gift, but it also is undeniably life-changing! Baby chicks, once mature and hatch eggs, can help feed a family and also provide an income. There are many other Gifts of Hope available on Plan International Canada’s website starting at $10 (plangifts.com). We know this will make any mother happy – mothers helping mothers across the globe.

For the Mom Who is bigger on Instagram than you are
Every great Instagram selfie needs a cute outfit and a great set of pearly whites (and some well chosen filters). So why not help Mom out – make her smile gleam without the filters. Gift her the Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6100 electric toothbrush. The perfect tech-forward toothbrush to provide a gentle yet effective clean that also helps to whiten. She will have a clean and white Instagram worthy smile in about a week. Next send her a great little touch up make up kit from Clinique. Finally, she needs a cute, and cheeky, sweatshirt via Brunette The Label. We love their collection for Mother’s Day: featuring  I Got It From My Mama to Boss Babe printed sweatshirts. Now she can snap (and post) away.

For the Mom who needs a night out on the town with her gal pals
First things first. No Mom can go out on the town without a stellar outfit. And that starts with good jeans. Upgrade her mom jeans to the best jeans – the classic 501s from Levis. The 501 was originally designed as long-lasting workwear pants for miners during the gold rush in the mid-19th century (sounds tough enough for any Mom to us). Fast forward 146 years and the 501 has transformed into a fashion icon and mainstay of popular culture. And yes that means it should be in every Mom’s arsenal. The 501 now comes in everything from a skinny version to a cropped version. And of course, the original 501. Top off her outfit with a great biker jacket (all the Rebel Mama’s are rocking those these days). We suggest picking one up at Marshalls to save some cash – and use that savings to include a gift card (for her cocktails that night) in a chic clutch.

For the Mom who wishes her life was a RomCom
First things first, take the kids to Grandmas. Invite all her friends over for an evening filled of their fav RomCom movies. May I suggest anything from Bridget Jones….or Sex and the City or 13 Going On 30 or Bridesmaids or even Crazy Rich Asians. Whip up a batch of Cosmos (she will be impressed you know how to make them) or just chill lots of bottles of Martini Prosecco. She will be popping bottles all night. Finally, prepare a smorgasbord of a variety of snacks: popcorn, her favourite salty snacks and every flavour of M&Ms (psst, they just dropped Hazelnut). Trust us, Mom will love you forever. And all her friends will be telling their children about you (especially if you send them home with loot bags with mini prosecco bottles and more chocolate).

For the jet-setter Mom
Book her a last minute trip to here favourite city. Now we don’t even know your mom but we can guess it just might be your city if you are in different cities. Moms love to visit their kids.  Plan her a weekend away with you in your city (or a favourite city of her choice). And why not pay for it using your Airmiles. It’s a great way to use your hard earned miles on the Mom you love. One insider tip: also book her into your closest local luxury hotel so you don’t wake up to her cleaning your fridge one morning when she should be relaxing. This just might be the ultimate Mother’s Day Gift.

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