Watch Adam Sandler’s Emotional Tribute to Chris Farley

Above: Adam Sandler closes out 'SNL' with a sweet guitar number

Comedy institution Saturday Night Live may be in its 44th season, but the variety show is still finding new ways to make us laugh and cry. The television staple has welcomed a plethora of incredible cast members over its storied history, and every so often one of them leaves a defining mark on the show.

If you’re already a fan of SNL, you know that an example of this generational talent is Chris Farley. The late comedian graced the NBC stage for six years and brought a parade of unforgettable characters during that stint including the Lunch Lady, the Chippendales dancer, and of course, Matt Foley.

Not only was Farley on fire during his time at SNL, but he was also doing so in Hollywood. The beloved actor began to book major gigs in the mid-90s, eventually landing a now iconic turn in the 1995 classic Tommy Boy. Things were looking very much up for Chris until he sadly lost his life due to a tragic drug overdose.

This past weekend, one of Farley’s famous friends, Adam Sandler, returned to Saturday Night Live as a guest host and during the final skit of the night, he took some time to honour his pal with a special song. In a few short minutes, Sandler brought the audience to tears with a guitar ballad that touched upon Farley’s life and comedic highlights. You can catch it all in full below via Twitter.

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