4 Eco-Friendly Sweaters In Support Of National Sweater Day 2014

WWF’s 4th annual National Sweater Day asks Canadians to support energy saving solutions

On Thursday February 6th, the World Wildlife Foundation asks you to take some initiative. And it’s a simple request. Turn down your thermostat, and pull on a sweater.

February 6th is National Sweater Day, and more than one million Canadians have come together to support action in climate change initiatives in its name. The message? Reduce your personal energy use, and call on corporate entities to do the same. Right now, Canada is set to achieve less than half of its proposed emission-reduction goals by 2020. Turning down your personal footprint, especially through responsible heating, is key to the issue. It is people, not corporations, that have consciences. It is up to us to force some change into the cultural fabric. Head to sweaterday.ca to take part in the virtual sweater social media challenge, or just learn more about climate initiatives.

In the spirit of National Sweater Day, here are four of our favourite eco-friendly sweaters.

Kuyichi Smoked Knit Sweater

Above: Kuyichi Smoked Knit Sweater by Three Leaves — $69

This light knit by Brooklyn’s Three Leaves is “an awesome tri-level cacophony of textures in blue and gray.” Made with organic cotton, natural dyes, minimum water use, and zero fabric waste in a completely transparent production process, it really is smoking, but emits no greenhouse gas.

Recycled Cotton Mix-Stripe Pullover

Above: Recycled Cotton Mix-Stripe Pullover: White Stripe by American Apparel — $80

This funky sweater is made with recycled cotton yarn, not, as it may look, 3 different sweaters found at Value Village. It’s part of American Apparel’s environmental initiative.

Carnival Stripe Sweater

Above: Carnival Stripe Sweater by Braintree (with special online price!) — $15

Responsibly sourced, produced, and made from Hemp and organic cotton. Care instructions on this casual pull-over are to wash at 30 degrees, and don’t tumble dry (to save energy, of course).

Swale Men's Zip Hoodie

Above: Swale Men’s Zip Hoodie by Loomstate — $90

Made from 100% certified organic cotton, dyed with Global Organic Textile Standard dyes and printed with symbols for each of the four elements, this surfer’s hoodie makes eco-friendly choices look plush. Each one bought funds a water quality test for the protection of ocean ecosystems.

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