4 Things To Know About Human Ken Doll Justin Jedlica

Above: Justin Jedlica doesn't shy away from his penchant for plastic surgery
Above: Justin Jedlica doesn't shy away from his penchant for plastic surgery

When American toy manufacturer Mattel developed the perfect partner for Barbie – Ken – they likely didn’t imagine that people’s fascination with both the female and male versions of these toys would eventually cause many to call into question their body image and the ideals of beauty.

The dawn of modern-day plastic surgery has given people the ability to sculpt and mold parts of their body as they see fit and, in some cases, to look like the perfect person. Justin Jedlica has spent thousands of dollars under the knife and was dubbed by 20/20 as the ‘human Ken doll’. He doesn’t shy away from his penchant for plastic surgery and considers his body a constant work in progress. Interested in knowing more about Jedlica? Here are four things to know about this self-proclaimed modern day Adonis.

18 Is The Magic Number

Hailing from Poughkeepsie, New York, Justin Jedlica comes from a strict Catholic and Slovak background. Unhappy with the appearance of his nose as a teenager, he began searching for a plastic surgeon to perform a rhinoplasty. However, due to U.S. law he was forced to wait until he turned 18 years old; four days after his birthday he went under the knife.

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Holder

The term “beauty is in the eye of the holder” is a phrase used to describe that beauty is a subjective perception; however, in Jedlica’s case he takes it literally. On his website he takes a philosophical approach saying “I believe that beauty is something we must all define for ourselves… The ability to change and modify (our bodies) is an amazing power that has been made attainable through skilled medical professionals.”

4 Things To Know About Human Ken Doll Justin Jedlica

Under The Knife More Than 100 Times

Some guys spend their hard earned money on shoes, others buy exotic cars but Jedlica has spent more than $168k on 145 plastic surgery procedures to date. During a TV interview with Dr. Drew he revealed some surgeries he’s undergone; five rhinoplasties, a brow lift, a cranial drown bone shape, silicone injections into his chin, pectoral, bicep and tricep implants, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

The Plastic Surgery Consultant

Over the years Jedlica has given advice to friends who have expressed interest in going under the knife. Recently, he has turned his first-hand and personal body modifications experiences into a business and has coined himself as a “plastic surgery expert” available 7-days a week to provide personal consultations, where he aims to help guide you on your journey and refer you to the best doctors who specialize in cosmetic procedures so you can obtain the desired results. Would you seek out his services?

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