Men’s Style Q&A: What To Wear To A Summer Wedding

Above: J Crew's chambray blue Ludlow suit
Above: J Crew's chambray blue Ludlow suit

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QUESTION: I’ve been invited to few weddings this Summer, and have no idea what to wear. Any recommendations?
Steven, Moncton

ANSWER: Ah, yes. Good, old wedding season. Expensive weekends spent with a tribe of odd, drunken strangers, celebrating a union that has, at best, a 50 per cent chance of lasting. The bane of a man’s existence.

That said, if you must attend, Steven, you’ll need to look sharp. But not too sharp. Remember, weddings are all about the bride and groom – and often your date – so the goal is to be polished in a subdued way. That doesn’t mean abandoning all of your sartorial splendour, of course. Just save the seersucker three-piece for a weekend of betting on the ponies.

While many would recommend you wear black, it seems a tad too dramatic for vows made in the sunshine. Instead, go with something in a blue hue or light gray. Most guys already have something like this in their closet, which will work fine. If that’s the case, you’re saving some scratch, so feel free to splurge on, and have some fun with, a new shirt (white), tie and pocket square, preferably something that doesn’t clash with your date’s outfit.

If you are looking to purchase something, J. Crew recently released a gorgeous, Japanese chambray suit in their popular Ludlow fit that will run you around $800. Available in a navy or grey/blue, the suit is lightweight and textured, which gives it some depth, meaning that whether you’re taking the mother-of-the-bride for a whirl on the dance floor, or presenting the company P&Ls on Monday morning, it works… very well.

Shayne Stephens

Originally from the rough and tumble prairie city of Winnipeg, Shayne Stephens is an award-winning writer based in Toronto. Having recently resigned from a seven year stint as the director of marketing for a large women’s fashion house, he’s thrilled to be following his heart and stepping into the menswear arena. He also delinquently runs his blog and can be found at: Twitter and Instagram at @shaynestephens.

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