5 Common Grooming Mistakes Men Make

Find out if you are making any of these common grooming mistakes

A roundup of the everyday blunders that boys make when it comes to their grooming routine. Plus, a few suggestions on how to fix them fast.


More than 2 sprays will keep everyone away

Think you might be putting on too much cologne? This is where the “less is more” rule always wins out. Men have a tendency of spraying a little too much cologne, because they want it to last all day. In fact most men (and women) don’t actually realize how much scent they’ve applied because after more than a couple of spritzes, the nose is overloaded and can’t really sense much of what is directly in front of it. Plus, most men’s fragrances are alcohol heavy and pretty potent. When spraying, stick to the chest region and, if you want, try a spritz on the lower back or behind the knees. May sound odd, but the scent will rise up throughout the day, vs. only being available from the shoulders up.

Not using moisturizer

It’s always endearing when men discuss how moisturizer isn’t for them or that their skin is tough and can handle windy, cold brutal weather. Well, it’s true you all have thicker skin than women do, but because of this avoidance of moisturizing your skin, you’re also likely to wrinkle and crinkle up much sooner. Think those fine lines and creases are sexy? Re-think that those might be causing more damage than you know. So, pick up an SPF 30 or higher moisturizer and reload your skin with missing water, calm red patches and get the protection you seriously need.

Dry Shaving

Triumph & Disaster Rock & Roll Suicide Volcanic Ash & Green Clay Face ScrubDry shaving is never a good experience. Save your skin from dry patches, nicks, scrapes and future damage and stop dry shaving, ASAP. Most men neglect to exfoliate, but exfoliating makes for a smooth surface. (Triumph & Disaster Rock & Roll Suicide Volcanic Ash & Green Clay Face Scrub is always a favourite) Try shaving during or after a shower when the beard is softest and always use a lotion or oil to lubricate before you put a blade to your skin. Following these simple tips will help you avoid razor burn, ingrown hairs and get as close as possible to the skin.

Too much hair product

L’Oreal Professional Tec.ni Art Super Dust 3If you use more than two products on your hair, you’re probably using too much… or simply using the wrong products. First of all, forget the gel. It’s public enemy #1 for guys with thinning hair and has 90’s written all over it. Plus, if you don’t want crunchy hair on your women, you’ve got to return the courtesy and soften up the mane. Go for lighter pastes and putties that create shape and definition while still maintaining a natural appearance. Feeling adventurous? Try using a volume boosting powder with a low shine factor, like L’Oreal Professional’s Tec.ni Art Super Dust 3 to give a natural boost to your hair.

Neglecting Eyebrow Maintenance

Tweezerman Essentials KitDon’t worry. We’re not talking waxing and plucking to achieve some sort of crazy Sly Stallone look. It’s all about two, simple things when it comes to men and their brows. The first is that you need to trim those hairs, just as you would the ones on top of your head. The second is that you need two eyebrows. Simple enough, right? So, invest a little time and money in purchasing a solid pair of tweezers as well as a small pair of cuticle scissors, for trimming unruly brows. Tweezerman actually makes a kit, The Essentials Grooming Kit, just for you guys, with all the necessities.

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