5 Skin Sins You Want To Avoid

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By Adriana Ermter

It’s easy to obsess over your skin After all, it is looking right back at you every time you glance in the mirror. But sometimes this obsession can lead to over moisturizing, under cleansing and too much picking and poking, which can have adverse effects. You’re not alone though, we all do this from time to time. Fortunately and according to the beauty and grooming experts at Featuring You Spa in Toronto, if you want healthy, fresh and well-conditioned skin, simply avoid these five sins…

Typecasting your skin
Believe it or not, but your skin isn’t a one size fits all. The weather, environment, stress, diet, age and hormones all play into the health of your face. So think of your skin in terms of current pros and cons as opposed to your skin type and invest in skincare products that can treat any current challenges.

Exfoliating too much or not at all
Over exfoliating can lead to dryness, irritation, inflammation and even infection. On the flip side, not exfoliating will result in dull, clogged skin that is more prone to acne and dryness. Additionally, when you don’t exfoliate regularly, the dead skin cells on your face collect, layer and stick like glue, making it hard for your facial products to penetrate and creating the ideal environment for acne and ingrown hairs. Opt for a one to twice a week exfoliation routine.

Neglecting your neck, chest and hands
Skincare shouldn’t stop at the jawline. Your skincare routine for your face should be extended to include your neck, chest and hands. The skin on your neck, chest and hands is delicate, which is why these areas show signs of aging quickly. Plus, they often get just as much exposure to the sun, environment, pollution, dirt and grime as your face does so they deserve a little extra TLC.

Not applying products in the right order
We know, we know, it’s hard enough to stick to a skincare routine let alone try to remember which order to what. Still, to maximize the benefits of your skincare products you should aim to apply each one in order of its formula’s density. Layer products with the thinnest formulations first, such as serums and the thickest formulations last, such as heavy creams or sunscreens. Heavier products can prevent thinner, lighter products from properly absorbing into the skin if they’re applied first.

Popping your pimples
We get it, popping pimples can be addictive and so instantly gratifying. But there can be long-term repercussions, such as aggravating the original spot and scarring. Instead, customize your DIY skincare routine to include twice a day cleansing, once or twice a week exfoliation and proper hydration to balance your skin.

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