5 Smarter Ways You Can Wear Your Fragrance

5 smarter ways you can wear your fragrance (Photo: Sofia Andreevna/Shutterstock)

You like to spritz on a fragrance. In fact, you don’t feel complete without it. But are you wearing it as best you could? There are some right and wrong ways when it comes to your cologne. Make sure you’re not wasting that bottle of your favourite fragrance.

Wear just a couple of sprays

You should not be able to smell your cologne on yourself all day long. Your nose bcomes used to it, so if you can detect it morning until night,that’s a sign you’ve put on too much. It should really be only noticed by people right by you. If your colleague is standing eight feet away from you and asks what you’re wearing, that’s a sign (and perhaps a subtle hint from your coworker) that you wear too much cologne.

Wear it on your skin

Wearing your fragrance on your skin, particularly on your pulse points (such as on your wrists and behind your ears) warms and helps diffuse it; avoid spray it onto your clothing as it won’t have a lasting effect (and could possibly discolour your clothes).

Layer your scent

A fragrance being available in a body wash, lotion and cologne isn’t merely a way for fragrance companies to sell more product. When you layer on fragrance by using the selection of products, the scent will last longer.

Avoid other heavily scented products

Don’t have a scented hand soap in your bathroom that’s strong in scent or wear a body spray or deodorant that’s fragranced — the scents will all compete with your cologne.

Change your fragrance with the seasons

In the summer, with the hot weather (and when you’re sweating more) this will affect what scent you wear–it’ll come across heavier, so lighten your cologne of choice in the hot months and feel free to go with a stronger, heavier one in the winter months.

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