6 Best Under Eye Creams For Men

No one wants their eyes to look like an old man’s nether regions

Remember the line from the movie Crazy Stupid Love where Ryan Gosling says to Steve Carell “The skin under your eyes is starting to look like Hugh Hefner’s ball sack” and Carell replies “It does?” If the skin around your eyes is starting to look like your nether regions then it’s time you pay closer attention to your epidermis.

The skin under and around the eyes is soft and sensitive, and as a result is where the signs of aging first occur and are the most prominent. Under eye creams are the best solution to combat puffiness, discoloration, wrinkles and sagging. We’ve rounded up six of the best products for men because, after all, no one wants their face to look like an old man’s testicles.

Biotherm Homme FORCE SUPREME EYES, $49

The Biotherm Homme FORCE SUPREME EYES is a cream with a name that would surely create world war with the aging process. It’s composed of cedar bud extract which stimulates cellular regeneration and firms up the skin around the eyes. Plus, it’ll smooth out and repair damaged skin and reduce under-eye bags.

Clarins Men Line-Control Eye Balm, $42

A five o’clock shadow and calloused hands may turn on the ladies; however, we can assure you if you’re 29 but have a face of 50 year old grandfather then you may find yourself sitting all alone at the bar. Clarins has a solid reputation for blending pure plant extracts into its products to create amazing results; the company’s Line-Control Eye Balm will banish wrinkles and crows feet from around your eyes. The balm lifts, firms and reduces puffiness giving you’re a bright-eyed and youthful look.

CLINIQUE Age Defense for Eyes, $31

The highly rated CLINIQUE Age Defense for Eyes is a cream that, when applied twice daily, will hydrate and repair the look of fine lines. Ophthalmologist tested the cream acts like boot camp workout for the skin around the eyes; instantly hydrating, repairing lines and wrinkles, reducing dark circles and puffy skin.

JACK BLACK Eye Balm Age Minimizing Gel with Vitamins A & E, $24

Don’t let the name of the JACK BLACK brand fool you. The company’s Eye Balm Age Minimizing Gel is packed with helpful ingredients such as vitamins A, C and E, grape seed and chamomile extracts which contribute to this product’s potent effects. Applied religiously in the morning and at night, puffiness around the eyes will reduce, dark circles will lighten and your skin will experience intense hydration which will keep you looking younger.

Kiehls Eye Alert, $32

Red alert! The skin around your eyes looks like a kindergarten class went potty all over it and you’ve got to look alert for a big meeting at work. In comes Kiehls Eye Alert which is the ultimate solution to reenergize your eyes after a spending a night out on the town. Ingredients such as cooling cucumber and alfalfa extracts will hydrate the skin around the eyes, while a powerful blend of vitamin E and caffeine fights fatigue, as well as combat dark circles and puffiness.

LAB SERIES FOR MEN Max LS Instant Eye Lift, $62

If the skin around your eyes is starting to look like a pregnant woman’s belly then get thee to the bathroom ASAP to apply LAB SERIES FOR MEN Max LS Instant Eye Lift. The brand is known for its high quality skincare products designed for men and its eye cream will make sure you’re not growing a bun in the oven.  

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