6 Emerging Canadian Men’s Brands You Need To Know Right Now

Above: These brands will have you looking fresh to death from head to toe

Tired of visiting the same old stores to freshen up your wardrobe? Here are six emerging Canadian men’s brands that you need to know about that will have you looking fresh to death from head to toe.

Bad Etiquette

The newest kid on the fashion block is Toronto-based Bad Etiquette, which was launched this summer by Lionel Wong. The men’s and women’s collection is big on swagger with simple yet bold statement hoodies and t-shirts, available in black and white. The essence of the brand encourages its wearers to always keep it real and street thanks to graphic slogans such as “Original Rude Boy” and “Illionaire” on the front.

Klaxton Howl

For men whose aesthetic leans towards clothing with a classic vintage vibe, Matt Robinson’s Klaxon Howl line will suit you just right. Started in 2005, Robinson draws his design inspiration from the early to mid-20th century combining vintage work and military wear with modern-day cuts and silhouettes. Produced by hand with pride in Toronto, every tweed blazer or leather varsity jacket is designed with the highest attention to detail and from quality materials.

Naked & Famous Denim

The words “naked and famous” are often used to call out fame hungry celebrities, but for Canadian clothing line Naked & Famous Denim it signifies something entirely different. The brand’s name actually pokes fun at overhyped/overpriced celeb endorsed jeans which lack in quality. Using the finest and unique denim blends such as kevlar and cashmere from Japanese mills, Naked & Famous Denim creates and designs its wears in Canada giving men comfortable jeans with a modern fit at prices that won’t break your bank.

Sully Wong

Forget buying another pair of boring, over-hyped sneakers, and check out some fly kicks from men’s footwear brand Sully Wong. George Sully and Henry Wong’s much-hyped (rightfully so) designs actually combine North American and Asian aesthetics. A memorable pair? High-tops made from slick black leather and graphic kicks designed by world-renowned industrial designer Karim Rashid. Most recently, the company collaborated with ONEXONE Foundation to create a limited edition shoe that raised funds for the ONEXONE Paediatric Wing in Hospital Mirebalis in Haiti.

Viberg Boots

With three generations of craftsmanship under their belt the Viberg family is known for creating fine leather goods, and in particular boots. Operating out of Victoria, BC, the company takes pride in creating high quality boots that are comfortable, durable and made of the finest components, such as brass tacks from England and leather from Italy and the USA. Need a visual? Think of Viberg Boots as a more refined and streamlined pair of Fryes but with more detail work and character.


Do real men wear jewellery? Of course! No longer restricted to watches and the occasional bracelets made out of rope or rubber, Vitaly is kicking up the men’s jewellery and accessory categories several notches with its edgy designs and uses of unique materials, such as ceramic and sono wood. Founded by Torontonian Shan Vitaly Foran all pieces are hand-crafted with great attention to detail and care. Squared shaped rings and stainless steel bracelets is just a small sampling of the company’s wares that will have you immediately hooked on its pieces.

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