8 Ridiculous Shoes You Shouldn’t Wear This Summer

Above: Birkenstocks, crocs and spikes oh gawd!

Birkenstocks, crocs and spikes oh gawd! We rounded-up eight of the most ridiculous shoes in stores this summer that should be banned from your foot. Check out our selection of silly and ugly footwear and have yourself a good laugh or cry.

Bad Birkenstock

In the world of fashion trends from the past are revived all the time, but one shoe style that should have stayed dead and gone is the Birkenstock. Once a must-have shoe of the 90s, this slip-on has come back with a vengeance and our foot wants to shrivel up and die looking at this horrid mule. asos.com, $158.11.

Bad News Bear

Words cannot describe our reaction and feelings for his bear sneaker from the Jeremy Scott x Adidas Collection. It’s rendered us speechless and if you were to don this shoe in public your family and friends would never take you seriously again. adidas.ca, $200.

Crocs Nightmare

It doesn’t matter if Crocs are durable and comfortable, nor the amount of styles and colors they come in they will always look like a shoe savant’s worst nightmare. No self-proclaimed stylish gent would be caught dead or alive in this shoe. crocs.ca, $ 49.99.

Fair Game For Lions

British brand Religion must have felt like a hungry lion when they created the Run Floyd Trainer. Just don’t wear this shoe on an African safari, the zebra stripes and giraffe spots would make your fair game for the lions. asos.com, $161.36.

Marilyn Manson Shoe

Studs, spikes and buckles make for masculine detailing but throwing all these elements onto one shoe can be overkill. This crazy creeper by British brand Underground would go well with your Marilyn Manson Halloween costume but summer wear it doth not scream. ssense.com, $370.

Multi-Colored Madness

When American designer Jeremy Scott designed this shoe he was inspired by graffiti and street art. In theory the concept seemed like a good idea but when applied in real life… well, let’s just say you’ll need a lot of black spray paint to cover up this multi-colored mad shoe. adidas.ca, $200.

Patchwork Panic

Looking at this high-top sneaker by DSQUARED2 makes us wonder what went through the designers’ minds when they created this multi-colored monstrosity. Were they hoping to use up old fabric lying on the cutting room floor or did they take inspiration from grandma’s patchwork quilt? You decide. farfetch.com, $1,219.94

Toe Termination

When the five toe shoe style first came out we were intrigued by the science and design behind the barefoot running concept. After we got over the novelty of this toe tapping design it’s simply an eye sore, but if you must buy it make sure no one is within a 100 ft. radius. altitude-sports.com, $188.99.

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