8 Ways Botox Can Do So Much More Than Just Freeze Your Wrinkles

Botox has been the Prince Charming of youth for eons now, freezing your elevens and crows feet into submission to give you a more confident and appealing aesthetic. But did you know it has more benefits than just stripping years off your face? According toDr. Stanley Poulos, a board certified plastic surgeon in San Francisco andCo-Founder of Plastic Surgery Specialists aesthetic surgery clinic in Northern California, Botox can also be used to treat a variety of issues, both cosmetic and non-cosmetic.

1. Acne
It sucked to have spots when you were 13 and it’s not any better now, as an adult. “Tiny amounts of Botox injected very superficially help reduce oil production and you can still have facial expressions,” says Dr. Poulos. And while the most effective and common area for using Botox to curb oil production, is the forehead, take care to not overdo and freeze yourself expressionless.

2. Urinary incontinence
According to the Canadian Continence Foundation, more than 3.3 million Canadians experience at least one type of urinary incontinence. For severe cases where medications do not provide complete relief, Botox injections into the bladder wall may provide relief for up to six months.

3. Gummy smile
Show too much teeth when you smile? There’s a fix for that. Injecting Botox into the upper lip can weaken the upper lip’s retractor muscles so that it won’t raise as high and your smile will look better-balanced. “This technique is not for the novice Botox injector,” warns Dr. Poulos. “Too much and your lip won’t raise enough, too little and you will need more or if injected asymmetrically, you might have a funny asymmetrical smile.”

4. Psoriasis
In a recent survey, researchers in Sweden claimed that men are more predisposed to Psoriasis than women. The flaky skin condition’s activity of inflammatory cells that bring on the uncomfortable, itchy and sometimes painful outbreaks can be minimized with Botox.

5. Teeth Grinding 
Bet you didn’t know that Botox has been used to control involuntary muscle tension and spasms longer than it’s been busting wrinkles. “These neurotoxin injections can weaken the chewing muscles enough to reduce bruxism (a.k.a: teeth grinding) without affecting your ability to chew, talk and smile,” says Dr. Poulos.

6. Excessive Sweating
For those who suffer from excessive sweating, Botox can be a game changer stopping the flow under your arms, on your forehead, your groin and even on your hands and feet.

7. Brow Boost
Much like lines form over time, your brow may also drop or droop. Botox can help keep them in their original position. “Weakening muscles that pull the lateral brow down while selectively leaving the brow elevators intact can give a subtle lift and gives the brow more stability,” says Dr. Poulos. “Lifting the brows in this way leaves you with a less tired and younger, fresher appearance.”

8. Migraine Headache
Botox is renowned for treating chronic migraine headaches in adults who typically have 15 or more headache-days a month. Research is also hinting that the neurotoxin may also help with low cerebrospinal fluid headaches and cluster headaches.

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