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Let’s talk about hyperpigmentation. You know, the dark, patchy bits of skin on your face, maybe along your hairline or on your cheeks and chin. Frequently a result of too much time spent in the sun without sunscreen, or from inflammation caused by acne breakouts or even, aging as your hormones change, this skin conundrum is common. It can also be reversible with the right care, like Regimen Lab’s Level Serum.

Fuelled with nine active ingredients, including niacinamide, tranexamic acid, alpha arbutin, undecoylenoyl phenylalanine, dipotassium glycrrhizinate, hexylresorcinol and betaine (phew that was a mouthful!), this skin hero replenishes your skin and protects it from future damage. Additionally, it tones and improves your skin’s texture, brightens your face, fights off the dark spots, soothes your epidermis, boosts an even tone and reduces inflammation all in one fell swoop. The Canadian brand’s specially mix-mastered and tried-and-tested formula can also reduce the appearance of fine lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles. So, you’re welcome.

All you have to do is pump a pea-sized dollop onto your hands, emulsify the formulation between them and rub it across your entire freshly cleansed skin. And if you apply it morning and night before smoothing on your favourite face lotion, well, you may just be saying buh-bye to those pesky, dull, dark patches faster than you can ask, hyperpigmentation who?

Regimen Lab Level Serum, $33 for 30 ml, available online at www.regimenlab.ca.


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