About Face: Stunn Collective AM+PM

If you could swallow your way to better, healthier skin would you do it? Chances are you would. Particularly when the said item to be swallowed is a capsule filled with 100 per cent natural and vegan fruit and plant-based extracts promising to clear and tighten your pores, brighten your face, eliminate premature wrinkles and rejuvenate your body and mind in the process.

Skincare supplements, like STUNN Collective’s AM+PM products claim to do just that. By taking two of their capsules each morning you’re stimulating collagen, strengthening your skin’s elasticity, repairing cellular damage from the environment and adding a whole lot of radiance to your face. And that’s before you’ve brushed your teeth and slathered on your favourite serums, lotions and SPF. Too good to be true, you’d think, but clinical testing is proving this rapidly growing skincare category is not only valid, it’s also backed by proven results.

For Canadian brands like STUNN, the philosophy is simple and follows the you-are-what-you-eat principle. Founders Ashleigh and Jordan DePass believe that supplementing your current skincare regime by ingesting the perfect balance of do-good, feel-good ingredients, such as lycopene, amla fruit, acerola cherry, green tea and peppermint extract, can physically alter the way your skin looks and feels for the better. Taking the PM capsules, loaded with horsetail and marigold extracts, Japanese knotweed, hops flower and citrus bioflavonoids, also promise to replenish cells, even out your skin’s tone and texture, and courtesy of valerian root and lavender flower help ease your mind into la-la land once you turn the lights out. Or you can hit the gym for an hour, avoid stress and load your plate with the right amount of fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins and get your eight zzzs every day. That works too.

STUNN Collective AM+PM, $145 for the set of two jars of 60 capsules each, available online at www.stunnco.com.

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