About Face: Versed Weekend Glow Daily Brightening Solution

Sometimes a toner is just a toner and other times, like when it’s Versed Weekend Glow Daily Brightening Solution, it’s a whole lot more.

Ideal for anyone with residual acne markings or unwanted dark spots, this daily toner brightens your skin, treats hyperpigmentation and exfoliates all at the same time. Featuring a formulation steeped with kojic and azelaic acids, AHAs, bearberry extract and vitamin C, it delivers tighter pores, a more even skin tone and radiant, glowing skin. Plus it’s gentle enough to use not just once but twice a day, after you’ve washed your face and before you rub in your favourite moisturizer. Simply pump a few drops onto a cotton pad and swipe it across your clean skin.

If you’re really feeling keen and are prone to breakouts and/or dark spots on your underarms, back and eh hem, private areas, try applying the toner with a cotton pad to those spots too. After all, you deserve to have a little extra brightness in all parts of your life.

Versed Weekend Glow Daily Brightening Solution, $24.99 for 4 fl.oz ml, available online at www.shoppersdrugmart.ca.

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