We Tried It: Frigo Trunks

Above: Frigo's green camo-print trunks
We Tried It Frigo Trunks

Product: Frigo Trunks
Who tried it: AmongMen’s sultan of style Mike Dojc
Retail Price: $36 – $100 depending on style
Available: neimanmarcus.com

“I just did a deal for $78 million for underwear. What did you muthaf***as do today? 50 Cent gushed on Instagram after signing on with Frigo RevolutionWear. The rapper along with Carmelo Anthony and Timbaland are part owners of this luxury line of briefs. The stars teamed up with mattress magnate Mathias Ingvarsson—one of the brains behind Tempur-Pedic—to have a go in the premium underwear game.

Decked out with proprietary fabric tech and laser cut vents to keep your crotch cool and comfy, Frigo aspires to rise to the top of your underwear heap. The drawers are outfitted with an adjustable mesh pouch for compartmentalizing and supporting your junk while staving off sweat inducing leg contact colloquially known as chub rub or scientifically known as chafing. Frigo’s silicone grips on the thighs guard against ride-up and is yet another nifty feature. The main component that takes some getting used to though is the pouch for housing your boys. Frankly it’s not as intuitive as you’d think to find a comfortable position so there is a learning curve. As a performance garment to wear to the gym it performs admirably and also has great utility when re-enacting Magic Mike sequences in the bedroom. Frigo’s slim silhouette and hip sitting style make a pair of boxers look like a garbage bag. But the pouch isn’t everybody’s cup of tea and so while this won’t enter my daily rotation, as a special occasion pair of drawers it is worthy of a spot in your underwear roster.

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