Adam Levine Debuts ‘Anti-Celebrity’ Fragrance Promo

Adam Levine promotes fragrance with new anti-celebrity perfume video (Screen cap: YouTube)

Adam Levine recently launched two unique fragrances and to hype the scents, he has released a new promotional video explaining why he was originally apprehensive about releasing a perfume.

“I typically hate celebrity fragrances. Now, it’s not that I hate celebrities or that I hate fragrance. It’s that when I see them, I don’t necessarily believe that the people who are promoting them were particularly connected to what they were making.” the Maroon 5 front man says in the clip, directed by Travis Schneider.

Levine goes on by justifying his choices, explaining that he wanted something unique to himself while the clip cuts from him to images of motorcycles, guitars, wild horses and random bondage girls.

“It’s very basic, very classic. The anti-celebrity fragrance, very simple,” Levine promises.

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