All-Natural Know-How

All-Natural Know-How

Back in the ’60s, grooming products described as being all-natural had an earthy connotation. And fair play. The hippie movement’s love children had a penchant for anything distressed (well-worn blue jeans), free spirited (tie-dyed t-shirts) and DIY (homemade products oozing with oatmeal and patchouli). The former trend has evolved and not just in the quality and quantity of the organic-, natural- and green-deemed products filling drug and department store shelves.

The now billion-dollar beauty and grooming industry’s plethora of products are, according to a Harris Poll survey, the choice of more than 50 per cent of Millennials. “Green beauty is the way to go,” says Andy Hnilo, the CEO and founder of Alitura Naturals. He believes it’s important to “stay away from harsh toxic ingredients that do not serve the skin! Chemically formulated, synthetic ingredients are littered in many skincare products. What you rub onto your skin ultimately gets absorbed into your bloodstream and is processed through your kidneys and liver and can cause damage over time to your endocrine system and hormones.” Yet knowing what to buy can be tricky. Here, Hnilo shares some of his all-natural know-how.

1: What does all-natural and organic mean in skin care?
Being called all-natural, green and organic can be a bit loosey-goosey when it comes to skin care, as it’s not yet clearly defined or regulated in Canada. “Holistic green beauty means to stay as close to nature as possible, while compiling your ingredient rosters and formulating your products,” explains Hnilo. So steering clear of products with labels boasting preservatives, fillers, artificial fragrance and colour is key. “Organic to me means in it’s purest form. Untouched, unrefined and as powerful as Mother Nature intended.”

2. What are the benefits of using an all-natural and organic skincare line?
Chemicals and synthetic ingredients can damage your skin and accelerate the aging process. Clean, green, skincare brands, however, that focus on and stand by their mission of using organic ingredients do not. Plus, knowing that you’re doing something good for your face can have a powerful impact. “If you like what you see in the mirror and feel great, you are going to be more confident, period,” says Hnilo. “Having that confidence is attractive in hiring, makes you more marketable in your career field and obviously more appealing to the partner you want to attract.”

3. Can natural skin care reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dullness etc?
The short answer is: yes. High quality, plant-derived stem cells and cutting edge ingredients can also work wonders on eliminating dead skin cells, crow’s feet and wrinkles. Regular exfoliation replaces a dull complexion with radiance, while boosting cellular turnover and stimulating new collagen. “The whole process of cell turnover and encouraging the growth of new fresh skin is the key to proper age maintenance,” says Hnilo.

4. Hnilo’s Evening Skincare Routine:
Step 1: Apply the Alitura Derma Roller all over face, neck and crow’s feet areas. “This opens the dermal layer of the skin for optimal absorption,” says Hnilo.
Step 2: Follow with the Alitura Clay Mask to increase blood flow to the surface of the skin, while gently exfoliating dead skin cells and encouraging the growth of new collagen.
Step 3: Shave. Need we say more? Thought not.
Step 4: Finish with the Gold Serum and Moisturizer to hydrate and lock moisture in for a baby soft and smooth feel. “You can thank me later, fellas,” says Hnilo.

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