Beer Fridge At Sochi Opens For Canadians, Eh

Above: A beer fridge in Olympic Village opens only with Canadian passport (Photo courtesy: Molson Canadian)

There are few things more Canadian than an ice-cold beer and Molson Canadian has known this for years. Their ad campaigns have pulled on our patriotic heartstrings, having us all proudly announce that, yes, I. AM. CANADIAN. And now during what is arguably one of the most nationalistic events in the world, they have done it again.

Molson is helping athletes stay hydrated and helping them celebrate their success with a bright red fridge full of beer. The catch? The fridge can only be opened with a Canadian passport.

Located in the Canada Olympic House, the beer fridge uses a webcam to take a picture of the passport and checks to see if it is match to a Canadian passport. The fridge then unlocks and lets the athlete take advantage of the fully stocked shelves.

This is not the fridge’s first appearance overseas. In May of last year, the Rethink advertising agency’s campaign began when Molson placed the fridge in different locations across Belgium, France and the U.K.

As people stumbled across the fridge, and the promise of free beer, the search for a Canadian-passport wielding tourist quickly began. The fridge would eventually be opened by a friendly Canadian eager to share a bit of “home” with the rest of the world. The campaign ran as a commercial and, fittingly, was launched during Game 6 of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

With the tagline “Here’s to being proud of where you’re from,” Sochi is the perfect platform for the beer fridge’s return to the spotlight. And Canadians have a lot to be celebrating in Russia, with our athletes excelling with ten medals and a second place standing, as of Wednesday night.

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