Bringing Fashion Editorials Online

Above: On location last month shooting AmongMen's first Fashion Editorial
Above: On location last month shooting AmongMen's first Fashion Editorial

I’ve always loved magazines. Especially fashion magazines. Men’s. Women’s. It didn’t matter. I just love flipping through and admiring those big, bold, fashionable images.

When I was younger those fashion editorials that I would devour every month not only taught me how to dress, they taught me a little bit about a world that was very far from my hometown. Those pictures were a big part of why I ended up working in the fashion industry for years and later, working in the world of editorial.

Truth be told, those fashion editorials are still my favourite pages when I browse through any of my regular monthly titles.

While I hope we never lose our love for the tactile experience, I primarily work online. One of the things I really wanted to do when we launched earlier this year was find a way to bring content normally found in the pages of traditional glossy publications online. Today we are launching a new (long discussed) feature on AmongMen, our “Fashion Editorial” section. Every 4-6 weeks we will be bringing you a new, original fashion editorial that will be concepted, styled and shot by an amazing team of AmongMen contributors.

Our goal? Hopefully we are able to bring those big, beautiful, printed magazine images that we all love to life online.

Take a few minutes today and check out Fall In Love, then let me know your thoughts.

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