We Tried It: Underwear Subscription Services

We Tried It: Underwear Subscription Services

In has long been said that men are not avid shoppers. Many would rather do anything than set foot in a mall on a weekend to get some necessary basics. This may also explain why some men don’t replace their basics until they are falling apart. See the correlation there? That’s right, men have gained the reputation for holding onto underwear that should be tossed already. This isn’t going to get you any action. Does this mean you should go to the mall more often? Not necessarily. Thankfully there is a niche market that has emerged online to solve both these problems: avoid malls and have fresh underwear all the time. Online underwear subscription services have been around for years to cater to women. But now there is a slew of similar services geared towards men. We surveyed the field and are here to report back.

The Underwear Expert is definitely at the forefront of the underwear subscription pack. New users take a quick survey that not only includes their exact size (done in inches or cm as all underwear fits differently). But they also asks some lifestyle questions like colour preference, sporty vs classic, etc. And they do it all through pictures. Super easy and you will end up with underwear that fits and that you want to wear. They have also added in a new preview feature so you can swap out your upcoming shipment in case you don’t like what they have picked for you. You can subscribe to receive anywhere from 1 to 3 pairs per month or every 2 or 3 months. You can opt for briefs, boxer briefs, trunks or jockstraps. Rates start at $24 USD. Check their site for great promos.

Underwear Nation is another subscription service that has a great selection of underwear that they ship directly to your door. When you first sign up you can fill in your underwear preference, your membership length and your size. If you love a good surprise then you will love this system. They do not ask you about colour preferences or your exact size (they just got with small, medium, large, etc). You can pick from briefs, trunks or jockstraps in monthly installments. And they offer the option of editor’s choice – a surprise every month in colour and style. This service is great for the adventurous men. Rates start at $25 USD.

My Junk Trunk is a Canadian company that wants to get into your drawers. Unlike the above services you can combine your monthly underwear subscription with monthly socks as well. They offer three style options: briefs, trunks or jocks. You also indicate your exact waist measurement to ensure the fit is perfect. But there are no questions to gauge your taste in colour or print. The site was very easy to navigate and the overall shopping experience was great.

Daily Jocks is an online underwear store that also offers a monthly subscription service. These guys offer the same three styles of brief, jockstrap or trunk/boxer brief but they also have a fourth option we hadn’t seen: any trunk or brief. This is helpful those men who change up from one to the other based on their trousers. Sizes range from small (30″) to extra large (37″). The website interface made the process very simple. They offer a great first month introductory rate of $10 USD and after that it reoccurs at $21.95 USD.

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