Ezekiel Is King In New Trailer For ‘The Walking Dead’

Above: Khary Payton is King Ezekiel

AMC’s The Walking Dead is still running strong after six seasons. The gory character-driven show, rakes in millions and millions of viewers each week. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise, that next month’s premiere is extremely anticipated television. Fans of the show were left on a serious cliffhanger this past April, as new villain, Negan, looked prepared to axe off one of our favourite characters. Which one exactly, we weren’t supposed to know. Naturally, viewers were left pretty frustrated, and many resorted to spoiling the surprise via internet rumours.

AMC must have felt bad about how things went down during the finale, because the new trailer for the upcoming season, is packed with zombie goodness. In the new footage, fans are presented with the mysterious, tiger-toting, King Ezekiel. Also featured in the trailer, is a wandering Morgan, and of course, a bunch of creatively placed walkers.

Season 7 of The Walking Dead, premieres October 23rd, on AMC. Watch the action-packed trailer below, via YouTube.

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