Build A Fragrance Collection

Above: How and why you need to build a fragrance collection
Build A Fragrance Collection

Sure, you’ve got your go-to scent. It empowers you, boosts your confidence and is your must-spritz, every day. But what if you expanded your scent horizons with a fragrance collection? The Whale and The Rose’s Alexandra Donaldson explains why you need to branch out and add a fragrance, two (or more) to your tried-and-true cologne.

Why you should have a fragrance collection:

While most men are more likely to have a uniform or a signature scent, it’s always a good idea to add a few extra fragrances to the repertoire. “Your everyday scent shouldn’t be the same thing you wear when you suit up for a special event,” explains Donaldson, So keep a few options open for spritzing, particularly since you don’t want to go nose-blind to old faithful. Truth is, when you’ve worn the same scent for multiple years, your olfactory sensation becomes immune to your go-to cologne making it difficult for you to smell and enjoy it. Plus, according to Donaldson, “wearing different scents for different moods or occasions means that when you come back to your favourite, you really appreciate it.”

What are the top scent categories you need to include in your collection?

Having a classic cologne, like Dior’s Farenheit or Gucci’s Guilty, that includes notes like woods, musk, herbs and citrus at your disposal is a must. The epitome of masculinity, these eaus typically range from aromatic and woody to fresh and herbal. “There’s nothing quite like curling up with a guy who smells outdoorsy but refined,” affirms Donaldson. “I love a great fresh or fougère scent on a man too—something clean, but a little zesty or worldly.”

The benefits of having a fragrance collection:

Owning more than one cologne, gives you the option to express how you’re feeling and the you mood you’re exhibiting. Think of it as an accessory, as equally important as your patterned socks, tie or leather shoes. Choice in scent enables you to match your outfit to your cologne. “Your mood to come through your scent,” says Donaldson.

Why should men have a day, night and a weekend scent?

“Different experiences and times call for different things,” explains Donaldson. “What you wear to the office is very different from what you wear on your own time—or what you wear on date night or to a wedding.” Plus, because scent is so powerful having scent associations for various parts of your life can assist in putting you in the right headspace. “A citrus cologne can wake you up for Monday morning, while a woody scent gives you that confidence boost for a first date.”

The number one piece of advice on how to start a fragrance collection:

Choose fragrances that you like, that make you feel certain emotions and that create an energy specific to you. “Once you determine what your favourite scent is you can start looking for alternative picks in different categories,” says Donaldson. “If a fresh, woody scent is you, maybe your next find is something green or spicy. You’ll find variations on the theme that you like the most. Which is great because each little tweak in your fragrance wardrobe will fit different moods and scenarios, but still feel very you.”

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