Editor’s Pick: New Lush Solid Shampoo Bars

Above: Lush' citrusy Brazilliant solid shampoo

Lush wants to change the way that you think about your shampoo. The popular British brand, known for its fresh handmade products, recently introduced six new shampoo bars to their existing collection as part of their continuous go green efforts. Not familiar with shampoo bars? They are simply a solid version of shampoo—you just add water in the shower and wash away.

Like your everyday shampoo, solid shampoo bars are packed full of effective ingredients and essential oils. The difference? Each little disc is highly concentrated and will do the job of two to three bottles of liquid shampoo, which helps reduce the environment impact that the brand has in a big way. Lush estimates that they sell nearly 1.8 million shampoo bars around the world, saving around 135 tons of plastic every year.

The new eco-friendly new scents introduced into the growing collection include: two citrusy scents (Brazilliant and Montalbano), a gentle coffee and cocoa butter scent (Copperhead), and a honey-toffee scent (Honey I Washed My Hair).

The packaging-free, solid shampoo bars retail for $9.95 each at Lush stores across the country or at www.lush.ca.

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