Exclusive: Genius In A Bottle

AmongMen talks to Hugo Boss' chief brand officer Ingo Wilts and brand ambassador Chris Hemsworth (pictured above) about Boss Bottled and the new Man of Today campaign
Exclusive: Genius In A Bottle

Be the man of today. It’s the tagline for Hugo Boss Boss Bottled and defines what the 93-year-old German fashion house believes masculinity and success looks, sounds and yes, smells like, right now. Based on the liquid captured inside Boss Bottled’s multiple iterations, including Tonic, Intense Eau de Parfum and Intense, this man can be described as warm, sensual, confident and passionate.

“He’s interesting, lives by his values and is confident, as well as sophisticated,” affirms Ingo Wilts, the chief brand officer of Hugo Boss. “He’s multifaceted and has substance as well as style.”

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Above: One of the most iconic male fragrances of the last 20 years, Boss Bottled

First launched in 1998, Boss Bottled’s sophisticated and relevant scent can be attributed to it’s signature notes of tart green apple, fresh geranium, spicy cinnamon, woodsy cedar, aromatic vetiver and smooth, warm sandalwood and vanilla. While additional, complementary notes have been mix-mastered into each individual juice accordingly, Bottled’s alluring DNA filters through most of the brand’s fragrances. According to parent company Coty, it’s one of the reasons why the scent is the number one male fragrance in Europe and number five worldwide with approximately one bottle sold every two seconds.

“It’s very versatile and it’s not overpowering,” adds Chris Hemsworth, the new global fragrance ambassador for the scent. “I find it can be worn in any kind of setting, which is why it’s the perfect fragrance.”

Renowned for his role as Thor in the Marvel cinematic universe, the Australian actor follows in the footsteps of Gerard Butler and Ryan Reynolds as the face of the scent. Providing a modern, elegant and individualistic take with his print campaigns, photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg and television commercial, directed by Nicholas Winding Refn, both set against the dynamic backdrop of a modern, urban skyline, Hemsworth is contemporary, inspiring and relatable. He symbolizes the ideal man, Boss’s man of today, and with the spritz of his scent invites others to share and celebrate their unique and individual definitions of success with him.

“I really identify with the values that the man of today stands for,” says Hemsworth. “Life should be a journey of passion, honesty and integrity and be about having a greater awareness of your impact in the community and the people you interact with.”

Hugo Boss Boss Bottled fragrances are available from $72 for 50 ml and from $90 for 100 ml at Hudson’s Bay and Sephora stores across Canada.

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