About Face: Nip + Fab, No Needle Fix Moisturizer

Above: Nip + Fab's No Needle Fix Moisturizer
About Face: Nip + Fab, No Needle Fix Moisturizer

Needles. Don’t like them and now you don’t need them. Especially when it comes to anti-aging. No longer restricted to women, anti-aging skincare for men is on the rise with products that can give you the same tucked, tightened and lifted effect previously synonymous with invasive treatments.

Unisex day cream Nip + Fab’s No Needle Fix Moisturizer’s names says it all and the real action happens when you rub the formulation’s hydrating and youth-inducing ingredients onto your face. Moisturizing hysilk, a hyaluronic acid renowned for its ability to immobilize a large volume of water in your skin, smoothes and softens your epidermis. Natural oil biophiclic, nourishes your face while restoring and protecting your skin’s barrier and, wait for it, super antioxidant Vitamin E acts like the proverbial needle, protecting and preventing skin from dryness, lines and wrinkles.

And while, admittedly, its not the fountain of youth and you will need to massage the lotion into your skin every morning, it will also have you doing a double take in the mirror searching for crow’s feet and fine lines that used to live there.

Nip + Fab’s No Needle Fix Moisturizer is $24.95, available at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada.

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