Fragrance Of The Month: Calvin Klein Eternity Summer For Men EDT

Above: Calvin Klein's Eternity Summer for Men Eau de Toilette
Above: Calvin Klein's Eternity Summer for Men Eau de Toilette

Since the word eternity can be swapped with a myriad of synonyms, like forever, infinity and endless, it begs the question: did Calvin Klein foresee that his line of scents branded with the same name would be everlasting when he launched his first incarnation, Eternity for Women, in 1988? If not, he certainly has the Midas touch.

While he earned early recognition for his classic women’s wear in the ’60s, Calvin Klein is most notably famed for his provocative approach to selling denim in the ’70s, underwear in the ‘80s and then, his first fragrance, Calvin in 1981. Currently worth billions in product—the aforementioned items and so much more—not only is the brand distinct, it remains coveted. And with 28 years and over three-dozen bottles bearing the Eternity name alone, the all-American designer clearly hasn’t lost his steam. His latest edition: Eternity Summer for Men is proof of that.

In good stead with its predecessors, this 2016 version is replete with the fresh and zesty feel of those who came before. The scent opens with tart lime, refreshing bergamot and spicy coriander before easing into an herbal blend of sage and basil mixed with sea salt accords. Warm cedar, golden amber and masculine musk finish the eau. The overall effect is cool and blissful, enticing and elegant and, of course, not without a provocative sense of longing. Or at least the temptation to roll around on the beach at sunset with someone… As for the bottle, it too emulates the Eternity bottles of past in its square-like shape, but this time with blue to green ombre-coloured glass. A sleek metal topper caps the eau off.

Calvin Klein, Eternity for Men Summer EDT comes in 100 ml for $89. It’s available at Hudson’s Bay and Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada.

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