Fragrance Of The Month: Hugo Boss Urban Journey Limited Edition EDT

Above: Hugo Boss' limited edition Urban Journey
Fragrance Of The Month: Hugo Boss Urban Journey Limited Edition EDT

Living up to it’s surname, the German apparel company is having a revival and is back to being the Boss of sharp men’s suits, premium casualwear and of course, it’s namesake cologne. Naturally, this all comes with a twist. After all, you don’t succeed for 94 years in the fashion biz without pulling a little innovation out of your well-tailored sleeve every now and again.

Just ask Boss CEO Mark Langer, who for the past year has put the brand’s focus back on its core customer, Mr. Hugo Boss.

Signalling this change is 30-year-old Californian heartthrob and actor Zac Efron who Langer chose to be the face of the brand’s latest and limited edition eau de toilette, Boss Urban Journey, a refreshingly energizing woody and aromatic take on it’s original scent Hugo for Men. As the fragrant essence of the brand, Efron symbolizes living life to the fullest; the man who works hard and plays hard, embracing opportunity and adventure.

“It’s easy to coast through life and let it happen to you, but you can change that by choosing to seek out new adventures,” says Efron in an interview for Hugo Boss. “We’ve only got one life and we need to make the most of it. Now is the time to explore what’s right in front of us.”

His sentiments are reinforced with every spritz. Loaded with uplifting floral and green notes, Urban Journey first smells modern, clean and invigorating before intensifying with the aromatic and gritty notes of black tea. Warm and woody Guaiac wood and sandalwood complete the scent giving it a refined and confident finish. And while the eau is captured in Boss’ iconic, minimalist flask-shaped bottle, this time it’s with a unique, concrete-like finish.

Hugo Boss Urban Journey Limited Edition EDT is $74 for 75 ml, available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada.

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