Fragrance Of The Month: Carolina Herrera Bad Boy Le Parfum EDP

This month? We try out Carolina Herrera Bad Boy Le Parfum EDP…

With a tagline that reads: “The Masculine Fragrance. Good to be Bad,” how can you not want to wear Carolina Herrera’s Bad Boy Le Parfum? Think about the cool bragging rights. After all, the true bad boys of the world are multi-faceted, full of swagger and don’t follow convention.

Even if this doesn’t fit your personal brand, you can still spritz a little on and live vicariously in the moment. With a matte black bottle shaped like a lightning bolt and Josh Upshaw—of former Hollister co., Ralph Lauren and even, Paris Hilton fame—as its spokesperson, you know you can’t go wrong.

Plus, Bad Boy’s Le Parfum smells pretty incredible. It is aromatic, fresh and spicy and takes a bold new twist on its 2019 Bad Boy predecessor.

On first spritz, the fragrance opens with tart grapefruit mixed with an electrifying, and first of its kind, hemp accord, before being swirled into a blend of spicy black pepper and green floral geranium. Sharp and woody vetiver and sensual and erotic leather complete the scent, providing an earthy and mysterious quality. The overall effect is magnetic, sophisticated and with just the right amount of hedonism.

“Life is no fun if you’re not breaking the rules,” says Carolina A. Herrera, the creative director of beauty and fragrance for the eponymous company. “We all need a little bad boy in our life sometimes.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Carolina Herrera Bad Boy Le Parfum, $102 for 50 ml, $138 for 100 ml, $180 for 150 ml, available at Hudson’s Bay.

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