Product Hype: Nioxin 3D Intensive Diamax Advanced Treatment

Feeling a little lack lustre about your hair? Or to put it bluntly, do you look like you have 24-hour bedhead and not in the fun, good way? Yeah. We feel you. It’s that time of year. When 24/7 toque, cap and/or hat wearing is the norm. When the hot indoors air zaps your scalp and hair of moisture and the blustery cold outdoors leave you static-y and frosty, making the hair you do have flatten and thin.

Nioxin’s 3D Diamax Advanced treatment is the fix. Loaded with hair-helping ingredients it works to thicken the strands you have, making them look fuller and behave more manageably. The scalp and hair treatment’s infusion of caffeine works to reduce oxidative stress triggered by the sun’s UV and stimulates healthy hair growth. Niacinamide improves your scalp’s skin barrier and your hair’s moisture, texture and tone, while dimethicone adds a protective film around your hair to help reduce breakage.

It’s easy to use too. Simply apply the formula onto clean, damp hair directly at the roots. Be generous in your application so you can cover your entire scalp, then gently massage it in. Leave it alone for about 60 seconds, then comb or brush your hair into place and go. But don’t forget to take a double take in about eight hours, too. The folks at Nioxin say you’ll see a visible difference.

Nioxin 3D Intensive Diamax Advanced Treatment, from $40 for 100 ml, available at professional hair salons across Canada and online at

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